Australia is one of the largest countries across the globe. People from different parts of the globe visit here for unlimited opportunities, career options, and good healthcare facilities. According to recent studies and research, England tops the list of immigrants in Australia. India turns out to be the second-highest, with the population gradually moving to Australia as of 2020. Still, not many know about the whole process of Australia PR and its benefits.

Anyone can apply for the immigration system regardless of what purpose they have. For example, people apply for immigration visas to complete higher education, have unlimited job opportunities, or experience the place’s quality of life.

What is an Australia PR visa?

Australian PR visa is for immigrants who want to live, earn, and work in Australia. The place offers a range of opportunities to permanent citizens living here. First, however, immigrants undergo a process to attain permanent citizenship and leverage government job opportunities, healthcare amenities, and the right to vote.

A person who is 45 years or less is to be eligible for a Permanent Residency. The candidate applying for permanent citizenship should have a particular language skill set and other required skills assessments.

The process to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.

1. Verify your eligibility: First, decide why you would like to visit there. Then, check everything required to move in there, study all the documents needed, and know the fees structure and options and opportunities available for you.

2. Go ahead with skill assessment: Different countries have different skill set requirements, and other categories have different skill sets. Check whether you fulfill the standard needs to settle in as an Australian resident or not.

3. Apply/Submit for an online skill test: Candidates are tested to apply for the visa based on a skill set. The Australian point system examines basic parameters like a student’s age, experience, knowledge, and other skill. Evaluation is done on the different parameters, and then the selection of immigrants happens.

4. Apply for Visa: It may take longer than the expected time to know your scores, but once you’re selected for the further process, you have to respond to the application within 60 days of the given time and get the documentation as soon as possible.

Actual processing time: Every visa’s usual residency processing time varies, but it usually takes around three to five months to get it finalized completely.

Documents required for Australia PR visa:

  • Educational certificates that include graduation and post-grad certificates
  • Great English language skillset
  • Work experiences certificates that include internships or jobs (if applicable)
  • Medical, police verification certificates and travel documents like Adhaar card, Passport etc.
  • Other necessary documents required (bonds, banks accounts, shares etc.)

Australia PR visa pathways for India:

There are various categories one can choose from to immigrate to Australia; the following is the list:

  •  Child visa
  •  Partner visa
  •  Subclass 489 – Skilled regional visa
  •  Subclass 891 – Investor visa
  •  Parent visa
  •  Subclass 890 – Business visa
  •  Subclass 189 – Skilled independent visa
  •  Subclass 190 – Skilled state-sponsored visa
  •  Subclass 132 – Business talent visa

Subclass 189 Australia Skilled independent visa

The Australia Skilled independent Subclass 189 visa is for those who have special skills and whose skill set is in demand and beneficial for the labor market in Australia. The individuals are then marked and calculated through a point-based system wherein they are expected to have good English proficiency, communication skills, experiences related to employment.

Requirements for an Australia pr visa:

  • Under 50 years of age
  • Meet the health requirements
  • Should score a target of 65 points
  • Submit an Australian Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Have done the required skill assessment, line-of-work given on the selected skill profession list and should satisfy the English language protocols.

Benefits of Australia Visa Subclass 189:

A permanent residence visa enables the immigrants and aspirants (minor, if any) to inhabit as permanent residents of Australia. The person who owns this visa can access healthcare and other generic benefits like education and social security. In addition, the visa holders can apply for Australian citizenship after they complete four years as a visa holder.

Subclass 189 Point Test Calculator

To qualify and acquire the Permanent Residency of Australia, the immigrant should be under the given criteria score a minimum of 65 points qualifying all the parameters such as English language proficiency, age, work experience, etc.

Subclass 189 Visa Processing Time

The procedure might take about 6 to 8 months for the visa process to complete and receive the PR permit.

Subclass 189 Visa Fees

The standard fee for applicants under the skilled independent visa subclass 189 is 3755 AUD, approximately two lakhs INR.

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190, also known as Skilled state-sponsored visa or Skilled Immigration to Australia, is for those who have counteroffers or are sponsored from the Australian territory or state itself mainly meant for skilled experts and trades. These immigrants have the freedom and right to reveal the names of their loved ones and family members in the visa petition and can reside anywhere across the specific state.

Benefits of Subclass 190 Visa Australia:

You can easily register for Medicare (a well-known healthcare plan).
You can stay in the country as long as they wish to, pursue studies or whatever profession fascinates you.
Make a trip to and fro Australia and offer sponsorship for family members for PR.

Requirements for Australia Visa Subclass 190:

  • At the time of the invite, you should be under 50 years of age.
  • Qualify with a target of at least 65 points
  • Submit an Australian Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Have done the required skill assessment, line-of-work given on the selected skill profession list and should satisfy the English language protocols.

Subclass 190 Point Test Calculator

To qualify and acquire the Permanent Residency of Australia, the immigrant should score a minimum of 65 points under the given criteria, qualify all the parameters such as English language proficiency, age, work experience, etc.

Subclass 190 Visa Processing Time

The whole process for the Subclass 190 visa can vary. For 90% of the application, it takes about eight months. However, in some cases, 75% of the applications get done in just six months. As the applications are processed, applicants are asked to submit the documents on time to avoid end-time delays.

Subclass 190 Visa Fees

  • The standard fee for applicants under the skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is 3755 AUD, approximately two lakhs INR.
  • Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491
  • Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491 was introduced by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It started on 16 November 2019, and it replaced subclass 489 Skilled Work Regional visa. This one is for the skilled people who wish to live and work only in Australia for five years. This visa is applicable everywhere except a few countries like Sydney, Gold Coast Melbourne and more.

Points required for 491 Visa

Since it is a point-based visa, once you are done submitting your EOI in SkillSelect, you will have to score a minimum of 65 points, and you’ll be invited to apply for this visa.

Benefits of 491 Visa

The most beneficial thing about this visa is that you can be a permanent member in Australia once you fulfil the eligibility requirements and have your permanent Residency. Other than that, the special benefit is that additional points are granted to immigrants of this visa and incentives granted to newcomers staying in their regional areas. Also, you can stay in your regional regions of Australia for five years and do whatever you wish to do, whether it be studies or work.

When will you be invited to apply for a 491 Visa?

1. Priority is given to skilled immigrants with experienced partners who possess a skill even without a partner to apply for the visa.
2. Second preference is given to immigrants who have partners that have excellent English language proficiency and skills
3. Last and final preference is given to the rest of the immigrants who are not counted in the above two categories.

Can a 491 visa lead to a Permanent Residency?

One can apply for a Permanent Residency, but the parameters that make you eligible for it are that they should have stayed in a certain designated region of Australia for three years.

New Subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa
The Subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa was replaced by the Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa on 16 November 2019.

This visa allows Australian employees to sponsor skilled workers from different parts of the globe. The skilled workers can be from India or any other foreign country to fulfil standard labour market requirements. Even those vacancies that the domestic people of Australia do not use can be considered and allowed to work and live a life in a regional part of Australia.

Since the introduction of this visa on 16 November 2019, Subclass 187 has been closed for all new applications.

Benefits of Subclass 494

A wide range of work opportunities given to the candidates will be a bonus. In addition, the visa holder can be eligible for the Permanent Residency in Australia. Also, regional visa applications will eventually lead to a shorter processing time.

Requirements for Subclass 494

Be less than 45 years of age
Nominated by a sponsor having excellent English language skills and other exceptional skills beneficial for the government of Australia.
Develop a great skill set for the required occupation and have the necessary work experience and qualifications (if any).

Can 494 lead to Permanent Residence?

According to the Skilled Regional Visa subclass 191, the visa holder can apply for permanent residence after living for three years in a regional area in Australia. The Subclass 191 visa allows to work and will enable immigrants to live and apply for permanent citizenship.

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