Hong Kong

Hongkong is one of the famous tourist spots also known as a feasible immigration destination. A person can be eligible by clearing the required selection process, qualification and work experience.

Pathways to becoming a Permanent Resident of Hong Kong

1. Certificate of Entitlement (COE): Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is a pathway for Chinese citizens not born in Hong Kong. It is also for Chinese candidate who has been living in Hong Kong for not less than seven years.
2. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS): This is for those immigrants with an amazing skill set and is likely to add up to the economy of Hong Kong.
3. Dependents: This pathway is for immigrants who wish to settle in Hong Kong as dependants.

Visa Requirements for Hong Kong immigration

For a candidate to be eligible for the Hong Kong PR Visa:

  • Age should be 18+ years (while applying for it) with no criminal record
  • Candidates should hold a degree from any recognised university along with experience in the supporting field (if applicable)
  • Fluency in the Chinese or English language is a must
  • Must display the financial potential to reside in the country either by themselves or for their dependents.

Selection procedure for Hong Kong Immigration


1. Prerequisites:

Every candidate should meet the required set of prerequisites before their score is obtained under the two point-based tests.

2. Point-based test:

Candidates who are then eligible after the first process are evaluated under one of the two tests: General Points Test or achievement-based Points test.

General Points Test:

For this test, one must have an undergraduate degree or if not, should at least have professional experience or technical qualification whatsoever. Moreover, people in their 30s will have the best benefit from this protocol. Candidates are required to score a minimum of 80 out of 165 points in the Hong Kong immigration calculator.

Achievement-based Points test:

For this particular test, the candidate must have received a privileged award such as the lifetime achievement award or any honour. Extra points are allocated on the basis of an award achieved.


3. Selection exercise:

Selection is done once the candidates have scored well in the general points test and achievement-based points test. The candidate with the highest score is given the first preference for selection and further assessments. The results will be published on their official website.


4. Approval-in-principle:

Applicants selected on a quota will receive an Approval-in-principle letter and will have to attend an interview in Hong Kong. Candidates with have to verify original documents submitted at the time of applying. Candidates can enter Hong Kong on a visitor visa to complete the application process or attend an inteview.

5. Issue of visa/entry permit:

Once everything is finalized and all the paperwork is done, applicants will be issued entry permit by the authorities for Hong Kong PR visa for an Indian.

Processing Time for Hong Kong Immigration Visa

As per the research and observations, the minimum processing time is 5-7 months. The visa processing time depends on the number of applications.

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