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The USA is one of the most popular immigration destinations that welcomes citizens from different parts of the globe. The career opportunities offered at this place has always driven individuals to relocate to this place. The United States of America has a pool of opportunities for individuals, business professionals, and investors. With a broad range of visa categories offered by the USA, it becomes easier to relocate here.

USA Immigration Benefits

A pool of opportunities for business professionals, students, and working professionals
Best health infrastructure for all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, or age.

Cultural Diversity- The place welcomes all, and from different cultural backgrounds, you will find wealthy immigrant groups in the USA.

Economic and social security makes the immigrants feel safe about their future.

USA Immigration Process

US immigration is detailed but simple. First, we prepare an error-free application for our applicants to ensure that the visa does not get rejected. Then, the application is submitted along with reliable evidence to provide US Citizenship, and immigration services are granted at the right time.

Here is the entire process we follow:

Step1: Visa form application is submitted to USCIS, along with the fees and appropriate documents essential to complete the US visa filing process.

Step2: An appointment is scheduled with the US consulate, and then the documents and biometrics are submitted to the officers at the consulate.

Step3: Submitting additional documents wherever needed. Once the application is sent, the USCIS declares the outcome of the visa application.

US Visa Types

There are different visa categories for different types of applicants. Visa can be granted permanently or temporarily. Temporary visa holders can attain a Green Card in the long run. The green card holders living as permanent residents become US citizens by naturalization. The popular US visa categories are:

EB-5 visa best for businesses and investors

E-2 visa Suitable for Entrepreneurs

H-1B visa Workers of Speciality Occupation

L-1 visa best for intra-company transferees

EB-1 visa applicable for exceptional people with extraordinary abilities. Managers, executives, professors, and researchers can apply for EB-1 visas.

Why Choose Us

Achintya is a leading immigration service provider in India. Our immigration services are supported by trained professionals handling multiple applications each day. We aim to stay transparent throughout the process so that the application is processed faster. We have experienced consultants available at our office to ensure the application requirements are met at the right time. Our consultants aim to prepare error-free documents and applications that facilitate you to seamlessly relocate to your favorite place.

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