Germany is the perfect tourist spot with low crime rates, and a lot of leisure time and great working opportunities for immigrants. It is one of those places where the immigration process is easier and faster than the other countries. To make it even easier, a Job Seeker Visa is your way to migrate to Germany. It allows you to stay in Germany for six months and find employment and jobs that serve your purpose. Moreover, once you secure your job, you will be allowed to bring your dependents and loved ones after converting the Job Seeker visa to a work permit.

Germany Skilled Worker Program

Germany Skilled Worker program allows you to meet a new bunch of people in person and give a space for interaction and learning. You get to choose from 1000s of job opportunities that match your choice and preferences. You are allowed to examine, understand and get the feel of working conditions closely. Also, you get a fair chance to explore the country where you are thinking to move to. When you feel that you have known enough to make the final decision, you can now convert to a work permit, call your family and settle down.

Benefits of living as an Immigrant in Germany

1. Freedom: Planning to move to Germany as a country will be your best decision because you have all the freedom to live the life you want your way. You get the leverage to work, study and settle down in any part/territory of the country.
2. Income: Germany is a country with higher per capita income, and subsequently you can earn and spend good enough in Euros.
3. Health: This country is known for its medicinal sector, and you will here get the best healthcare facilities in the world
4. Education and Job opportunities: The country is one of the largest sectors for studying at prices lower than the US and a handful of job opportunities.
5. Family: After receiving the work permit, you can bring your family to Germany to start a new life here.
6. Retirement: While retirement remains almost the same for every country. But a developed country like Germany promises to provide you with the most unique and enjoyable retirement life.

7. Travel: Your passport to Germany allows you to travel visa-free to several other countries, which is a big deal.

Germany provides a pool of opportunities to the immigrants planning to shift here permanently based on their skills and talent. The Germany Skilled worker programme offers jobs in Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Art, Healthcare, Hotel industry, Retail and Customer Service and more.

Processing Time

It takes approximately about 6-10 weeks for a candidate to find a job in Germany. After getting a job, the processing time of your visa takes 3-4 weeks duration.

Is a job offer mandatory?

To apply for the Germany Skilled Worker Program, it is essential to have a job offer.
If you don’t have a job offer, then Achintya Immigration comes to your rescue. We have legal services that enable you to find the best solutions related to your Job Search. In addition, we have tie-ups with leading firms. The process starts with assessing your profile, keeping in mind the market preferences and then properly going through your resume that helps you find your dream job in your dream place!

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