Every year we see a lot of applicants shifting to Canada to fill in the increasing number of work opportunities offered there. Immigration to Canada is on a PR basis. Therefore, applicants must follow the Canada PR process to shift to Canada themselves or take their families along.

What is Canada PR Visa

Canada PR visa is offered to citizens with a no stay limit. Therefore, these citizens can stay and work in Canada for as long as they want. The process for a Canada PR visa starts with completing the application process. Then, the applicants have to apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Only the citizens who are given a permanent resident status are granted Canada PR. The United Nations has rated Canada as the number one migration place across the globe. The location is perfect because of the quality of the living environment, career opportunities, and higher living standards offered to the citizens. However, the best way to stay in Canada is through a Permanent Resident visa.

Benefits of Permanent Residency In Canada

People get the best work opportunities while staying in any province or territory of Canada Permanent residents get the option of permanent Canadian Citizenship Provision of outstanding Healthcare facilities for all Citizens are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Being a democratic nation, Canada offers equal rights, freedom, and opportunities to all its citizens. The country guarantees 100% civil, democratic, language, legal, and political rights to all its citizens through Canada PR (Permanent Residency) Visa. The applicants can confidently apply for immigration services because of the unlimited work opportunities provided in Canada. There are opportunities for business professionals to expand in Canada, so it is the most preferred destination for immigration. Canada welcomes people from all across the globe and people from different religious backgrounds. It is a popular immigration destination, and applicants have to be proficient in French or English to fulfil the PR eligibility of Canada.

Ways to Apply For Canada Permanent Resident Visa

There are two ways to apply for Canada PR Visa from India. Way 1: Express Entry Program – In this program, those applicants can procure a PR who fulfil the eligibility requirements based on their age, education, work experience, and language proficiency. Way2: Start with a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): PNP program is for the workers having the desired education, skill set, and work experience to contribute to the economy of a province or a territory. Under this program, candidates should meet the requirements as per the province. This program is eligible for workers who live in the province and become permanent residents there. The PNP program targets students, business people, skilled workers, and semi-skilled workers.

Different Ways to Get Permanent Residency In Canada

Six easiest ways to Get Permanent Residency in Canada:

Express Entry Programme:

This program was launched in the year 2015. It is an online management system that governs federal streams under economic migration programs. The program includes skilled federal workers, skilled federal trades, and the Canadian Experience Class. The system allows people who wish to work and live in Canada. However, it can meet the eligibility requirements expressed in this programme must apply for permanent residence by creating an online profile. If you have a provision under the express entry, you will be given a comprehensive ranking system score (CRS). The applicants under this program are ranked against each other. The higher the scores, the better are the chances to receive an invitation to apply for the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Canada Provincial Nominee Program:

The Canadian government allows its provinces to select immigrants and invite them to settle here. Every region in Canada issues specific guidelines and selection criteria to choose the immigrants and address the labour shortage. The provincial immigration streams are known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

Quebec immigration system does not follow any Express Entry program; instead has its own rules set for immigration. Candidates can directly apply for the Quebec Skilled worker program, the Quebec Experience Class, and Quebec Business immigration.

Student Pathway:

Applying for a student visa is another way to obtain a Canada PR visa. This process is eligible for those not applicable to apply through the above-listed immigration streams. The candidates without eligibility choose to study in Canada and improve their chances of immigration. In addition, many immigration programs give preferences to the students, and there are higher chances to gain permanent resident status.

Start-Up Visa-

This visa category is eligible for entrepreneurs with high-net-worth planning to set up their business in Canada. First, the start-ups have to get their idea sponsored by an authorised body in Canada and then migrate to Canada permanently.

Family Sponsorship:

Family reunification is another popular way to migrate to Canada. If you are married or have a child with a Canadian Citizen, they can sponsor you to Canada. The person sponsoring must be financially independent enough to support you to migrate here.

Canada PR Point Requirements from India 2021

Points Requirement For Express Entry

Indian skilled IT and medical professionals are in-demand in Canada; therefore, they can easily move to Canada and get their PR there. The popular pathways to get PR status in Canada are: Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and, Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) Express Entry candidates need to score at least 67 out of 100 to get entry. However, 67 points do not grant a Canadian Permanent Residence visa. Instead, it makes the applicants eligible for a Canada PR visa through an Express Entry System. To receive an invitation, residents need a high CRS score.

What is The CRS Cut Off for Canadian Visa?

Every express entry draws announces a cut-off score. The maximum number of points in the CRS system is 1200. Candidates scoring above the cut-off receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a PR visa by the Canadian government.

How Can You Increase Your CRS score?

There are at least four different ways to increase your CRS score.

1. Apply for a PNP

  • Provincial Nomination (PNP) helps you get 600 points for Canadian immigration. To get PNP, candidates must apply first in the Express Entry Pool. However, candidates get a chance to apply outside the Express Entry Pool using three different options.
  • Saskatchewan Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Nominee Program.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Visa (outside Express Entry Program)

2. Improve your IELTS score

The second option for candidates to improve their CRS score is by improving their IELTS score. For example, candidates with a score of 9 in the Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) can win 136 CRS points under the language test section. These tests can also fetch an additional 100 points under the skill transferability section. Under the French-language test, candidates can fetch an additional 24 points.

3. If the Primary applicant gets married (Common-law partner factors)

Candidates are eligible for additional points with a spouse or a common-law partner. Candidates can make their partner’s primary applicants if they believe that they have the chance to score better in the Express Entry profile. Candidates cannot change the primary applicant if their express Entry Pool process has begun.

4. Get a job Offer

Candidates with an existing job offer can increase their CRS score by 200 Points

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